"O my soul, it is only a few days, bear them patiently.A lifetime seems long but a flitting reverie"

~Imam Shafi~
" “The heart will rest and feel relief if it is settled with Allah and it will worry and be anxious if it is settled with people.” – Ibn al-Qayyim"....Say : "This is my way; I invite unto Allah with sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me with sure knowledge" (Qur'an - 12:108) "Say: we believe in God and in what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma'il: Isaac, Jacob and The Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus and the Prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another, among them, and to God do we bow our will (in Islam)." (Qur'an, Al-Imran 3:84) . "And if he (Muhammad SAW) had forged a false saying concerning Us (Allah),We would have seized him by the right hand;And then certainly should have cut off his life artery (Aorta),And none of you could withhold Us from (punishing) him" (Qur'an,Al-Haqqah 69:44-47) "Do they not ponder the Quran! If it were revealed from a source other than Allah,certainly they would have found,many contradictions."[Holy Quran 4:82] " O man! Verily, you are returning towards your Lord with your deeds and actions (good or bad), a sure returning, and you will meet (i.e. the results of your deeds which you did)" [Holy Qur'an, 84:6] Say, "Is it other than Allah I should desire as a lord while He is the Lord of all things? And every soul earns not [blame] except against itself, and no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return, and He will inform you concerning that over which you used to differ." ~Holy Quran 6:164 Imam Malik (rh): “Do not look to the sins of people as if you are Lords, but look to your own sins as if you are slaves. Have mercy on the people of affliction and praise Allah for your well-being, and never say, ‘This person is from the people of Hellfire, and this person is from the people of Paradise.’ Do not be arrogant over the sinners, but rather ask Allah to grant them hidayah and rashad (i.e. guidance).” Ibn Kathir (Ra) narrated: كان نقش خاتم عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه : كفى بالموت واعظاً ياعمر “The engraving on ‘Umar ibn al Khataab’s(Ra) ring was: “Sufficient is death as an admonisher O Umar”. ["Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaaya]. "When you fear the creation, you run away from it, but when you fear the Creator, you feel close to Him,& run towards Him.".Ibn Qayyim . "Allahumma la‘aisha illa‘aish-al-Aakhirah": 'There is no life but the life of the next world' "And worship your Lord until there comes to you the certainty (i.e. death)". (Quran 15:99) “And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways.And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good.” [Quran: 29:69] "... And my success is not but through Allah . Upon him I have relied, and to Him I return." ~ Al Quran 11:88
"Nothing in this world is really useful to you unless it has some utility and value for the next world"-Imam Ali(R)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Constantinople or Rome

`Abdullah bin `Amr bin al-`Aas, may Allah be pleased with him and with his father, was dedicated to writing the Prophetic hadeeth and scribing the pure Sunnah during the time of Allah’s Messenger r.  He was proficient at this task, being one of the forerunners in recording the inheritance, meaning knowledge, of the Last of the Prophets r.

1. He used to write all what he heard from the Prophet r:
`Abdullah bin `Amr, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “I used to write everything I heard from Allah’s Messenger r seeking to preserve it, until Quraish (the Prophet’s tribe) discouraged me, saying, ‘Why do you write all what you hear from Allah’s Messenger r? He is a human; he speaks in anger and in pleasure?’ I mentioned this to Allah’s Messenger r, and he raised his finger to his mouth and said, ‘Rather, write! For by He Who owns my soul, only the truth comes out of it.’” (Collected by Abu Dawud, 3646, Ahmad, 6510, and ad-Darimi, 1/125, using an authentic chain of narration)

2. He was among the strongest of the Sahabah in memory and understanding of the Prophetic hadeeth:
Abu Hurairah (t) said, “There was none more knowledgeable in the hadeeth of Allah’s Messenger r than I was, except `Abdullah bin `Amr. He used to write [the Prophet’s hadeeth] with his hand, and understand with his heart. I used to only understand with my heart, but did not write with my hand. He had asked Allah’s Messenger r to write what he (the Prophet) says, and he r granted him permission.” (Collected by al-Bukhari, 113, and Muslim, 3004)

3. He used to keep whatever he wrote from the Prophet’s hadeeth in a box with a lock:
Abu Qubail said, “We were with `Abdullah bin `Amr bin al-`Aas when he was asked, ‘Which of the two cities will be conquered first, Constantinople  (Today Istanbul, Turkey ) or Rome?’ He then asked for a box to be brought, and it had a lock on it. He took a book out and said [while reading from it], ‘We were sitting with Allah’s Messenger r writing, when he was asked, ‘Which of the two cities will be conquered first, Constantinople or Rome?’ The Messenger of Allah r replied, ‘The city of Heraclius will be conquered first.’ He meant Constantinople.’” (Collected by Ahmad, 2/176, ad-Darimi, 1/126, al-Hakim, 4/422, 508, and 55, with a sahih (authentic) chain of narration)

This book of `Abdullah bin `Amr became known as, “The Truthful Tablet (as-Sahifah as-Sadiqah),” just as he wished to name it.  He had scribed it directly from the mouth of Allah’s Messenger r, which makes it among the most truthful of all narrations reported from Allah’s Messenger r.

When Mujahid bin Jabr once saw this tablet and wanted to take it in his hand, `Abdullah bin `Amr told him, “Mah (cease), O boy of Bani Makhzum!”  Mujahid said, “You never stopped me from getting anything before.”  `Abdullah replied, “This is the Truthful [Tablet]. In it is what I heard from Allah’s Messenger r; there were no narrators between me and him.” (Refer to, Taqyeed al-`Ilm, pg. 84, and, At-Tabaqat al-Kubra, of Ibn Sa`d, 2/373)

“The Truthful Tablet” was beloved to `Abdullah bin `Amr and dear to his heart.  It was one of the most priceless possessions in this Dunya (life) to him, so much so, that he said, “Only two things make me wish to live more, as-Sadiqah and al-Wahtah. As for as-Sadiqah, it is a tablet where I recorded some statements from the Messenger of Allah r. As for al-Wahtah, it is land that `Amr bin al-`Aas (Abdullah’s father) gave away in charity, but used to manage it afterwards.” (Collected by ad-Darimi, 1/105)

But honor, power and glory belong to Allah, His Messenger(Muhammad r), and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not” (63:8)

It is He Who has sent His Messenger(Muhammad r)with guidance and the religion of truth(Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikoon(polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah)hate(it).” [9:33]


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